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World Class AND World Scale

March 31, 2005

Indian software Companies like Infosys, TCS and Wipro made India proud through “World Class” quality services (as measured by the highest number of SEI CMM Level 5 software companies located in India). What is heartening is the fact that they are moving to “World Scale” as well! TCS became a Billion Dollar company in 2002-2003; they will cross $ 2 Billion in 2004-2005. Infosys became a Billion Dollar company in 2003-2004; they should cross $ 1.5 Billion in 2004-2005.

What is more heartening is the fact that many other companies in India (outside IT sector) are getting to “would scale”; the list includes UB Group becoming the second largest brewery in the world (after Shaw Wallace acquisition), Moser Baer being No 3 globally in optical media production, Hero Honda becoming No 1 in scooters & motor-bikes in addition to being No 1 in cycles production, Essel Propak being No 1 in packaging (of a particular type), Bharat Forge being No 1 in Forge & Foundry category, Sundaram Fasteners emerging as No 2 in fasteners (after recent acquisition), Tata Tea being No 1 in global Tea Trade (after acquiring Tetley Brand last year). I am sure their products are world class too; soon they will start investing in design of new products, R & D, file patents, license technology, influence standards and create brands – the usual route for leadership in Knowledge Economy