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Designing Businesses for 24/7

March 29, 2005

For decades most businesses were NOT run on 24/7 mode; this includes those in Government, Industry and Academia. Of course, some businesses have been running 24/7 for ages, including Indian Railways, Department of Telecom, Media folks and Balaji Temple!

With the arrival of the Internet and the “e” phenomenon starting 1995, everything could become 24/7 – Government could become e-Gov or Government Online, Education could move to e-Learning and online university and Industry embraced e-Commerce (with e-Bay to electronic payments and even e-Pray!)

IT as the underlying architecture, made many of these possible. With every organization getting a Web Site, 24/7 is needed by all!

In summary more and more organizations will move to 24/7; every organization will have some 24/7; the world will use India to run many such services for the world

(Talk given at on 28th March 2005 at Bangalore)