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Tatas to make “low-floor” bus models

March 28, 2005

It is refreshing to note that Tata Motors will make low-floor bus models to suit the needs of School children and Airport passengers. It is very welcome.

So far, thanks to a flawed Government Policy, truck companies were allowed to make only chassis and the “small scale” industry was to build bus bodies. One could never get “designed” bus models. Only Volvo in recent years could offer “designed and built” Bus models in expensive (Rs 45 Lakhs) segment.

Tata Motors plan to launch low-floor models in Rs 15 Lakhs category. It will lead to bus models designed “for India” in India. This would make School children travel safely. It will also lead to safe and comfortable journey for passengers at Indian Airports (that either do not have aero-bridges at all or like Bangalore Airport, does not use the two aero-bridges, forcing airlines to use buses to transport passengers)