IIT’s starting to grow

It is heartening to see that at least three IIT’s are planning to increase their student strength in Under Graduate Programs in Sciences & Social Sciences. It is a welcome sign.

IIT’s need to grow into much larger size; typical American Universities (Research Institutes like MIT and Stanford or the State Universities like UC System, Rutgers and Purdue) have 10,000 to 100,000 students. Size is a big advantage in our ability to “influence” inteelectually.

With services growing all non-academic services can be outsourced. Of course, we need to master the ability to “manage” large systems without “muddling”.

We can learn several lessons from the Indian Software Companies

Of course, one hopes it is not a “diktat” from the Government. Institutions should not be “planned and administered” from politicians, beueracrats or even scientists. The growth must be self-driven

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