Apple Macintosh designer Jef Ruskin dies

Jaf Ruskin who originally designed Apple Macintosh died on Feb 28, 2005

Jef had three design goals

    Logical Interface
    Price under $ 1000

The outcome was Apple Macintosh that he designed during 1978 to 1981. He named it after McIntosh Apple fruit.

His interace was logical and simple – in fact the ultimate GUI, though Apple Macintosh that came three years later to the market had a price tag of over $ 2100! But it was a Killer Machine in 1984

Unfortunately, he left Apple Computers due to differences with Setve Jobs (not with Steve Wozniak the other co-founder of Apple).

Even later he was designing Canon Cat (pun on mouse) an amazing Information Appliance (though it never was a market success)

In a sense, he was the ultimate GUI deigner though he may never get credit for what he did (hopefully he will posthumously!)

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