TI follows Intel – “Pictures by DLP: Technology from Texas Instruments”

What Intel was doing to microprocessors for decades, Texas Instruments is
doing to DSP today. Intel dominated microprocessors for decades. With DSP
sales going past microprocessor sales in 2002, Texas Instruments is aiming the
No 1 position long dominated by Intel.

Intel pioneered the “single chip” computer; TI is betting on “single chip cell
phone” by mid-2004. So, it is but natural to watch TI strategies these days.

Texas Instruments pioneered Digital Light Processing – an alternative to LCD
that uses thousands of mirrors and micro-movement controlled by software. This
technology is likely to dramatically improve price performance, and all the
leading edge Digital Projector vendors (InFocus, Canon, and Sanyo) are
licensing the technology from TI.

Intel through its innovative “Intel Inside” campaign brought brand recognition
to the commodity microprocessor over the past decade. Digital projectors use
TI branding – “Pictures by DLP: Technology from Texas Instruments”. It
will be interesting to watch the impact of this development – will it be
another textbook success story like “Intel Inside” campaign?

HP is rumored to be building TV sets using DLP technology! Interesting

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