ImpulseSoft licenses Bluetooth technology to Apple iPod

ImpulseSoft is an unusual IT products company – a break from software only,
services only, biggie size only focus – that has been the “typical”
characteristic of Indian IT companies. They had recently licensed their IP (in
the Bluetooth arena) to Apple. Apple Computers is the undisputed leader in
innovation; their recent product iPod is creating history with more than 2
million units sold in January 2004 alone; the companion iMusicStores from
Apple sold a million songs (at $ 0.99 per song) in the very first week of its
launch and expect to cross 100 Million by March 2004. Interestingly, iPod uses
the Audio Codec from PortalPlayers (whose development centre in Hyderabad did
most of the work). With communication tools from Bangalore-based ImpulseSoft,
iPod has lots of “India Inside”.

ImpulseSoft has demonstrated in resounding terms that IP-based revenue would
dramatically increase revenue / headcount and it is do-able from India, even
by start-up companies.

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