IPv6 – opportunity for leadership position for India

The IPv6 Forum, the organization that has been spearheading the next
generation of IP protocol (some time back it used to be called IP-ng – IP next
generation), has been quite active in India. Bangalore has been hosting the
Annual Event for the 4th year in a row. Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum &
Trustee of the Internet Society has been regularly attending these meetings.
With Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries announcing major plans in
this area, it is time that India announces and executes something within the
next four quarters. Asia will be the dominant consumer of Mobile Phones in the
coming years; Japan with its uncanny power to produce gadgets, is planning to
use IPv6 as a way to dominate he next generation of networks; China has
announced a multi-million IPv6 Test-bed across the country; India with its
strong foothold in Software should not lag behind
and quickly capitalize
on this opportunity. There are enough experts in IPv6 in Bangalore alone; we
need a national, high visibility project to capture the imagination of people
at large. Why not ride on the shoulders of the just announced Grid
– the execution agency is C-DAC (Centre for Development of
Advanced Computing); its head S Ramakrishnan was earlier the ERNET coordinator
(who did us proud by taking Internet to all colleges during 1986-92, much
before VSNL brought it to the masses in 1995) and a lover of new technology;
DIT (Department of IT, Govt. of India) has announced budget of Rs 50+ Crores,
it seems; should we not take the plunge right away?

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