Ed Yourdon on Mega IT Trends – Scope for young Indians

Ed Yourdon, the legendary figure in software engineering who is considered one
of the “Top 10” names in the Software Industry (his name was inducted into
Software Hall of Fame along with Charles Babbage and Bill Gates) gave a talk
in Bangalore on January 20, 2004. One of his key prediction was interesting
– Dot.Com companies will continue to be important; while 90+% of them will
die, a handful of the survivors will fundamentally change the way we live or
– Google is the most striking example (e-Bay, Amazon, Yahoo are the
other ones). What came to my mind immediately was Rajesh Jain created
Samachar.com – the way Indians read News got changed, though Samachar after
being sold to Satyam was one more tame offering from SIFY. Today it has led to
ePaper from Times of India (my blog of January 16, 2004). As such there is
enough opportunities for young Indians, as Dot.Com is more of idea and does
not need “big money” or “big marketing dollars” on Day 1. I hope we get
more Rajesh Jains in the years ahead

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