What is special about India for MNC IT companies?

There are two special points that come in favor of India –

1. EQQ (English Language, Quantity and Quality of our engineers).

Everyone knows about our English proficiency.

We produce 300,000+ engineers per year (a million engineering Undergraduates
are there in our engineering colleges at any time!).

The quality of our engineering education is epitomized through IIT engineers
who are valued throughout the world (the selection process is so arduous that
one of my colleague’s wife on knowing that I am an IIT Professor quickly
declared that I deserve to be shot dead; because, I had made 20 million
Indians’ life miserable – the argument is that 150,000 students sit in the
Joint Entrance Examination every year and only 2,000 make it to IIT; since the
parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and even grand parents get
involved in their wards attempt to enter IIT’s, and most of them become
unhappy once their wards do not make it, I had indirectly caused enough misery
to large enough people that I deserve punishment was the Lady’s argument)

2. The contribution of Indians, Indian companies and companies that operate in

Many know Vinod Dham (Pentium Designer at Intel), Vinod Khosla (Sun Micro
Co-Founder); what is not known is that way back in eighties Apple Talk design,
COBOL compiler for Apple, not-so-successful spreadsheet 4-5-6 (pun on Lotus
1-2-3), project management software InstaPlan (that was the “recommended
choice at Harvard Business School) had “India Inside” and “Indians Inside”; in
nineties, we had InstalShield that installs Microsoft and Sun software on to
your desktops, HotMail; more recently, Apple iPod MP3 player, Philips DVD,
Intel processor based Laptops, AppServer that competes globally with IBM &
BEA, ERP software that powers Swatch Company in Switzerland and many others
have “India Inside” too

(“India Geek Mythology” – talk given at Ness Global Meet in Bangalore on
January 14, 2004)

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