UGC sets up four National Institutes of Science in Allahabad,

UGC has decided to set up four Institutes on the pattern of the highly
successful IIT’s; these Institutes will focus on Science and expect to attract
bright minds towards them. Over the years Engineering & Medicine have been
attracting the best talent. With IT boom it became more pronounced and
enrolments in Sciences have been falling. With the IT meltdown of 2000-2001,
IT and Engineering streams had fewer intakes; as such, the setting up of
these Institutions is very timely
; bright students who are getting “turned
off” from IT will have pre-eminent Institutions to look forward to.

Hopefully, these Institutions will enjoy the autonomy that IIT’s enjoy, admit
students in a fair and transparent manner, attract students from all over the
country and focus on high quality teaching, research and outreach programs.
Most important, if they switch to a 4-year Undergraduate Degree
, there will be standardization across the disciplines
(Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, and Law). Currently the Science students
suffer a lot due to 3-year B Sc degrees; it is not widely known that the IT
industry preferred Engineering students mainly because US (the main source of
software business) insists on 4-year Undergraduate degree for Visa purposes;
other countries also follow similar practices.

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