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TV space is hot – convergence goes beyond computing & communications

January 12, 2004

Computing & Communications convergence is more apparent; but entertainment and
computing & communications convergence is very much around the corner. Camera
goes digital and Apple and HP get into this space; Walkman turns digital and
MP3 players and devices such as iPod from Apple sell in millions, and even HP
decides to become Apple distributor! More importantly, Intel decides to enter
chip set space for Digital TVs; HP, Dell, Gateway are already manufacturing TV
sets; with Microsoft announcing TV Software and Philips & Samsung entering
into “standards agreement” in TV Software, the market is getting hot.

TV market tomorrow will never be the same again.

With China & India having 2/3rd of the global population, all these vendors
will look at our market potential too. Before some foreign companies getting
our engineers to write software for them and “license” the software to Indian
companies, we should stay “ahead of the curve” and start investing in this
space. Any takers?