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IIT IIM Fee reduction

January 11, 2004

Too much is being written about IIT IIM fee reduction that supposedly
Government of India is contemplating. All I have to say is to balance between
access and subsidy. It will be much better to study the “real costs”, make
liberal scholrships available to all needy and make the alumni pay back for
future generation and NOT subsidizing higher education, that too when it
results in siginificant fnancil gain to the students as the case of MBA’s.
More important I would like the Government that has every right to control the
Institutes (became they finance it 100%) but through the Boards of the
Institutes rather than “direction” from Delhi; in turn it leads to Newspapers
gaining from “juicy” reports that they cook up often putting words into the
mouhs of everyone including me (as it happened in today’s Times of India where
they had included several hings that I did not even talk about!)