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“Can you come on a landline?” – Poor reflection on the quality of

January 8, 2004

It is not uncommon these days that the caller asks “Can you come on a
landline?”, if you need to have an extended conversation that is uninterrupted
by dropping call quality. What a pity? When mobile telephony came to India it
was awfully expensive; yet, we all admired the technology that not only
provided mobility, but superior call quality, thanks to outstanding echo
equalization algorithms perfected through years of research. Thanks to
unprecedented growth and the eternal confusion introduced by TRAI (who seem to
be spending more time on the legality of the processes than protecting the
consumer interests), the service providers are forced to spend more time and
money on lawyers, than investing in technology. Hopefully, with the withdrawal
of the court cases the service providers will address the quality issues. With
proper planning, investment in equipment and follow up ALL the 28 million
subscribers of mobile phones in India today can get high quality phone service
(which we had until three years, when there were just a million+ customers).
Hopefully TRAI will also focus on quality of the phone service (after all it
is their mandate)