ICT in India & its impact

My views expressed in the Book Launch Ceremony (“Sand to Silicon –
Amazing Story of Digital Technology
” authored by Shivanand Kanavi,
published by Tata McGraw Hill) on December 20, 2003

1. I see IT becoming a mother industry and influencing all other industries in
a subtle way. In fact, I expect IT to become “Invisible Technology” in the
sense that there will be more IT being done, but not necessarily under the
banner of IT. It is important for people to understand this development.
Kanavi‘s book will help people to apreciate this view

2. Inforation and Communications technologies are converging all the more.
With computing devices communicating faster and better and
communications devices computing faster nd better, one of them will
subsume the other function. I use a SONY-riccson phone that links the caller’s
phone number to the picture (I take with the built-in camera). For example,
databases are usually associated with computers, but my cellphone uses the
compute function extensively – lists all names starting with a
letter; interacts to select my choice; look-up to get the phone
number; link a picture from the database; and render the picture
in thumb-size or full mode depending on the phone prientation – all considered
compute functions. This book brings this out this synergy nicely,
particulary in a “lingo” that everyone (not just the techies) understands.

3. With ICT powered by Integrated Circuits on one hand there an another
IC at work too; with Indians & Chinese likely to play a key role in the
next decade by way of hardware (likely to be made by Chinese that would need
software from India) and software (likely to be made by India with hardware
from China). It is important for larger stake holders (politicians, other
professionals, bueracrats and even lay public) to understand this development.

I wish the author and publisher every success and hope to see at least ten
such titles in the near future

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