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ASAN – ATM made for India by NCR

December 18, 2003

NCR Corporation, the world leader in ATM (Automatic Teller Machines)
designed and built an ATM exclusively for India. It is built for the
dusty environment that is typical of India, more so rural India; this ATM does
NOT “swallow” the ATM card, but keeps the card in the holder for the user to
see; it can be switched off remotely so that during nights it can be made
non-operational; it was designed jointly with IIT Bombay. All these oint out
an interesting trend; when the market is large MNC’s will design products for
India (India expects to add 10,000 ATM’s next year); if we can master
technology (we are considered leaders in IT) MNC’s take us seriously; and,
last but not the least, our academic institutions will rise to the occasion if
challenged sufficiently. All these are welcome developments in India’s
technology landscape