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Do Not e-Mail law as solution to SPAM

October 25, 2003

Recently USA had passed a “Do Not Call” law to stop database marketing people
from making tiring calls to gullible public, considered by many (including me)
as a sure way to stop “nuisance calls”. The passing of a similar Legislation
by way of “Do Not e-Mail” bill this week, is likely to be the best way to stop
SPAM, that has reached unusually large percentage of e-mail (just in July 2003
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talked of 90% of the Billion+ e-mails processed
by HotMail to be SPAM and Yahoo Cofounder David estimated that 90+% of the
estimated 5+ Million Yahoo Instant messages are SPAM). With so much of SPAM
e-Mail is unlikely to be “shunned” by users, a sorry state of affairs for such
a useful tool. In my opinion this new legislation is a step in the right