MS Office dominance will end ONLY with a better than MS Office product

is an ever-growing Microsoft bashing and the accusation of Microsoft
“overcharging” billions of dollars for MS Office product. There are any number
of “cheapies” – poor cousins to MS Office that are free. Sun introduced
StarOffice for free – just a year later started charging $ 99! By any
standards MS Office has far more features than StarOffice. Options like
OpenOffice serve some useful purpose – they are a value for money,
particularly when they are free. They are modest in claim and serve some
communities very well. Media, often without understanding the nuances keep
critcizing Microsoft for taking away millions from school children and often
use the faulty argument why pay for such a “trivial” wordprocessing and
spreadsheet software. Wordprocessing and spreadsheet functions, the way we use
them today, are far from trivial. Just because they are easy to use does not
make their design any simple; if at all, such usable software for millions, is
far more complex to design than sophisticated software used by handful of
nuclear scientists! Sun has announced one more attempt to “lure away” students
from Microsoft through Linux Desktop Office, once again claiming “low price”
advantage. It will NOT work. Users will rather pirate a better product than
settle for anything less valuable. The real challenge for all Microsoft Office
bashers is plain and simple – come up with a far superior product (may be just
an extraordinarily simple & compact wordprocessor to take on MS Word) ; that
and that alone will break the MS Office monopoly!

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