Jobs will move to India; will we keep them?

In spite of resistance from US politicians and those afftecd (as per ABC News
item that was aired all over USA on 30th July 2003, that I watched while
attending Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Seattle, USA), jobs will move
to India over the next five years. As some one observed the centre of
gravity of software industry will move from United States to India
. But
the challenge to India is to keep them. Jobs move because we are cost
efficient; if we do not keep a tab on cost and get into bad habits, cost will
rise cutting out our advantage; also, in our feeverish expansion of the supply
side we might dramatically bring down the quality of our people which might
jeopardize our chances. These are concerns we must address carefully; else
the jobs will move out of India at a rate faster than the rate at which they
came into India.

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