Larry Ellison talks of Oracle, SAP & Microsoft

Larry Ellison of Oracle is so much in the news. His offer to take over
PeopleSoft (which was in the process of acquiring JD Edwards) would make it,
according to Oracle, the No 1 in Enterprise software (which for sure will be
contested by SAP!). What is most interesting is Larry’s admission (his
strong views on Microsoft are too well known) that after the consolidation
it will be just three vendors – Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, a company
that was nowhere in the reckoning until recently. That shows the “underdog”
capability of Microsoft. They were nowhere in Server Operating Systems
sometime back. They were nothing to count in the DBMS market in early
ninetees. Microsoft was just not there in gaming market. At one time they were
nowhere in Encyclopaedia business. Today with Windows Server, SQL Server, XBox
and Encarta respectively, they are a force to reckon with. They are emerging
slowly in Mobile Telephony (Windows Mobile), Embedded Systems (Win CE,
PocketPC) and even Wristwatches (SPOT – Smart Personal Objects Technology).
An interesting, company indeed! They will be there in Enterprise
Software too
(thanks to Great Plains & NaVision)

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