SAP CEO Visit to Bangalore

Dr Henning Kagermann, CEO of SAP visited Bangalore on June 30, 2003.

It is a historic event for India in general and Bangalore in particular. With
the CEO’s of IBM (No 1 in hardware & No 2 in software), HP (No 2 in hardware)
& Intel (No 1 in microprocessors and No 3 in hardware) visiting Bangalore in
2002/2003 and with the CEO of Microsoft (No 1 in software) visiting Bangalore
in 2002, the visit of the CEO of SAP (No 2 in software) completes all the
leading IT companies visiting Bangalore within the past 18 months. This
clearly demonstrates the importance Bangalore is getting in the global IT
scene. SAP Labs in Bangalore is the largest facility for SAP outside Germany.
The Bangalore facility does core work, not peripheral work, as revealed by the
CEO himself. They plan to double their staff strength within two years. It is
heartening to note that both in quality AND quantity, Indian IT professionals
are coming of age! Truly IT is just not Information Technology but India’s
Tomorrow as well!!

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