IC need not be Integrated Circuits alone, it can be India & China too

With the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to China and the
warm reception he had, the possibility of India & China working together to
grab the world IT market comes closer to reality. Indian software prowess is
widely acclaimed. China’s hardware skills are universally admired. With most
hardware (computers, phones, entertaiment electronics, automobiles, airplanes,
and healthcare equipments) getting lots of software embedded in them, China
needs Indian software skills; India, in turn, can learn lessons in
manufacturing from China. We might fight each other in the home markets;
Chinese invasion of Indian stores is a sight to see. But instead of crying
over the “lost” opportunity, we should seek a “coopetitive” way to work with
China to capture the rest of the global markets. That would be a sure “win
win” for both

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