World-scale & World-class Institutions

Keynote Speech in Annual Day function of BTL Institute of Technolog, Bangalore
June 13, 2003

As I go around the College (my first visit to your great Institution) I dream
of India having world-scale (like MIT or Rutgers University whose Presidents
have $ 1.5 Billion (Rs 6000 Crore) annual budget, with dozens of Schools,
hundreds of laboratories, thousands of professors and tens of thousands of
students) among Indian Institutions. If Infosys can grow into $ 700 Million in
22 years (and possibly $ 1 Billion in 25 years) that is faster than the time
it took HP to reach $ 1 Billion(30 years)why not an Indian Institute dream of
coming to such a scale in 100 years? Why not some of you, the students who
constitute India’s Tomorrow (my definition of IT)help your School to attempt
such dreams? Also why not our infrastructure be world-class? 24-hours library,
24 hours computer access, laboratory access, serene, clean environment that is
inviting any one to do creative work? 100 such Institutions will change the
face of India. Are you ready?

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