Book Outline

Enterprise Systems – An evolutionary perspective (forthcoming text to support
the elective course being planned for Fall 2003)

1 What is ERP?
2 Why ERP?
3 Key features of ERP
4 ERP Software solutions
5 Implementation issues in ERP
6 Technical challenges of ERP
7 Organizational challenges of ERP
8 ERP implementation roadmap
9 Case studies Amara Raja, Ashok Leyland

10 What is SCM?
11 Why SCM?
12 Key features of SCM -models, planning tools
13 SCM Software solutions
14 Implementation issues in SCM
15 Technical challenges of SCM
16 Organizational challenges of SCM
17 SCM implementation roadmap
18 Case studies Dell, HLL

19 CRM
20 What is CRM?
21 Why CRM?
22 Key features of CRM
23 CRM Software solutions
24 Implementation issues in CRM
25 Technical challenges of CRM
26 Organizational challenges of CRM
27 CRM implementation roadmap
28 Case studies Standard chartered, FabMart

Enterprise Portals
29 What are Portals?
30 Why Portals?
31 Key features of Portals
32 Portal Development Tools
33 Technical challenges of EAI
34 Portals implementation roadmap
35 Case studies Wipro

36 What are Exchanges?
37 Why Exchanges?
38 Key features of Exchanges
39 Exchange Development Tools
40 Technical challenges of Exchange
41 Exchangeimplementation roadmap
42 Case studies – 01Markets

43 What is EAI?
44 Why EAI?
45 Key features of EAI
46 EAI Tools
47 Implementation issues in EAI
48 Technical challenges of EAI
49 EAI implementation roadmap
50 Case studies

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